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National Members Protection Policy

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Rules, Ethics & Disputes

AIDA Inc aims to provide a simple, confidential and trustworthy procedure for resolving complaints based on the principles of natural justice.

Any person (a complainant) may report a complaint about a person, people or organisation bound by this policy (respondent) if they feel they have been harassed, bullied or discriminated against or there has been a breach of this policy.


In the first instance, complaints should be reported to the Ethics Committee at


If a complaint relates to behaviour or an incident that occurred at:


1) state level, or involves people operating at the state level, then the complaint should be reported to and handled by the relevant regional branch in the first instance.


2) an individual dance school, or involves people operating in the individual dance school, then the complaint should be reported to and handled by the relevant teacher/s of that school in the first instance.


Only matters that relate to, or which occurred at, the national level, as well as serious cases referred from the regional branch and individual schools, should be dealt with by AIDA Inc.

A complaint may be handled informally or formally. The complainant will usually indicate his or her preferred option unless the Ethics Committee considers that the complaint falls outside this policy and should be handled another way.


For example, the law may require that the complaint/allegation be reported to an appropriate authority.


All complaints will be dealt with promptly, seriously, sensitively and confidentially. Our procedures for handling and resolving complaints are outlined in Attachment [D1] of the policy.


Individuals and organisations may also seek to have their complaint handled by an external agency under anti-discrimination, child protection, criminal or other relevant legislation.

Ethics Committee Members

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AIDA Inc adheres to the following CLRG Rules and Policies

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