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Irish dancers prepare



All dancers participating in Irish dancing in Australia are required to be registered.


Registration allows AIDA Inc to support dancers in their local region and across Australia, maintain fairness and equality, and host events for dancers like the State Championships and the Australian National Championships.

Please complete this form to register dancers with the Australian Irish Dancing Association (AIDA) for the current calendar year in your family.


  • An annual registration fee will be payable by credit or debit card upon submission of this form. Registration is not confirmed until payment has been received.

  • Please note: A 1.70% plus $0.30 transaction fee is applicable for all registrations and will be automatically applied when completing payment. All payments will be processed by our secure payment partner Stripe.

  • You will receive a receipt for payment and confirmation via email once registration is complete. Please retain these emails as proof of registration.

  • Registration will be valid until the 31st December of the year of registration unless otherwise advised.

  • Please confirm with your teacher if registration is required before completing registration as refunds for registration are not available except under exceptional circumstances. 

For assistance at any time, please contact your registered dancing teacher. Fields marked with * are required fields. 

Dancer's first name*

Legal first name of the dancer being registered

Error Message

Dancer's family name*

Error Message

Legal family name of the dancer being registered

Dancer's date of birth*

Legal date of birth for dancer as displayed on their birth certificate. Some states may require physical verification of this date.

Error Message


The state in which the dancer primarily resides or dances. Must be the same for all dancers in registration

Error Message


The school where the dancer currently attends regular classes. Must be the same for all dancers in registration

Error Message

Dancer's information

Dancer's gender*

Dancer's identified gender for the purpose of competition

Error Message

Is this the first year that this Dancer has registered with AIDA?

Contact first name*

Error Message

Contact family name*

Error Message

Contact email address*

The email address will be used in case of emergency or to contact you in relation to this registration only.

Error Message

Contact phone number

Your phone number will be used in case of emergency or to contact you in relation to this registration only.

Error Message 

Needs to be entered 10 digits with no spaces.

No international country codes.

The primary contact for the registration must be a legal parent or guardian if any of the dancers are under 18 years of age. Dancers 18 years and over may put themselves or a relevant emergency contact.

The contact details will be used in case of emergency or to contact you in relation to this registration.

Your email and phone number will not be shared with any third party or used for any marketing or promotional reason. 

Contact information

Your contact information appears to be incomplete. Please complete all fields

Registration summary


The following dancers will be registered. To remove a dancer from this registration please click 'Remove' next to the dancer. To add additional dancers in your family click 'Register another dancer above'.

We expect all dancers registered with AIDA Inc. to abide by the Dancers' Code of Conduct at all AIDA events or when participating in any activity connected or related to AIDA or it's related entities, including but not limited to social media activity and attending classes.

I acknowledge that I have read and understood the Dancers' Code of Conduct and communicated this with the registering dancer

I agree to abide by and uphold the Dancers' Code of Conduct and any reasonable instruction or rule communicated by AIDA Inc or any of it's related entities

There was a problem with your submission. Please try again




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